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Myth Busters.

Setting the record straight on common renewables myths.

Solar Panels.

It is true that solar panels can have a high up-front cost, however, solar panels are more affordable now than they’ve ever been, and their cost has dropped significantly over the years.

They are highly likely to save you money long-term, and with financing and incentives available (depending on your location) most homeowners are surprised to find how well solar panels can work for them.

Luckily if you choose Spark, we have options to pay from as little as £75 over 25 years to help spread the cost and access the savings potential with nothing to pay upfront.

15 years ago, solar panels did need direct sunlight to work, but solar technology has moved on just as much as every other kind.

Today’s solar panels are designed to capture daylight itself, not just sunlight.  Naturally they will work at their absolute best in direct sunlight, but they absolutely work on cloudy days.

Technically speaking you can only use solar panel to directly power your home when your panels are generating energy.

However with the inclusion of a battery system you can take advantage of solar power even when your panels are not directly generating energy.

Studies have shown that homes with solar panels installed sell for more than homes in the same area without them installed.  Some estimates put the increase to property values with the addition of solar panels at 14%.

Solar panels can also significantly increase your homes Energy Performance Certificate rating, which is an increasingly important factor for home buyers.

Solar panels are not only designed to be installed on the roof, but they’ve also been designed and built with installation onto all different kinds of roofing materials in mind.

Solar panels can offer another level of protection for your roof since they will shield it from the elements and extend its life.

Solar panels are incredibly low maintenance.  By design they are durable and require very little upkeep, as they are intended to face the elements.

The most maintenance they should require is an occasional cleaning by a window cleaner and to be kept free of debris to ensure they run efficiently, but this should only be once a year at most.

Solar panels actually work better in colder climates than hot.  When solar panels get too hot they begin to lose their efficiency due to overheating, so lower temperatures are better for their overall efficiency.  You might be surprised to find out that the UK has almost the perfect climate for solar panels!

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