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Commercial Solar.

Commercial Solar.

Discover how commercial solar from Spark works, what we do and how to get started.

Spark are experts at residential solar installations and cover the whole of Britain. We have now brought this same capability and expertise to commercial solar installations.

While the scale of commercial solar dwarfs residential installations, so to do the rewards for taking the leap. Businesses can save tens of thousands per year and funding might be much cheaper and easier than you think.

How it Works.

Solar at scale.

Spark work with commercial businesses to understand your current energy usage and property suitability. We will then create a bespoke proposal covering generation, savings and installation costs – working with you to continual tailor to the right solution.

What We Do.

An inclusive service.

Spark will undertake the work in its entirety from design, procurement and installation all the way through to commissioning and sign off. This includes helping with finance solutions. We can also provide ongoing support throughout the lifespan of your system.


Cut wasteful energy spend.

Solar at a commercial scale can have a transformative impact on your bottom line, especially if you are an energy intensive business. Depending on the size of roof space, solar has the potential to completely replace your existing energy consumption – especially when paired with storage.

Our Process.

Expertise at every corner.

We operate a consultative process where we design systems, product types and storage levels from a business case perspective to ensure the proposed system works with your energy mix. You will also have an appointed project manager for the duration of the installation.

Get Started with Spark.

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Upholding Standards.

We're accredited to perform to the highest level.

Spark have all the required accreditations from leading solar, renewable and electrical certification bodies so that you know your Spark solar or EV charger installation is completed to the highest standards.

We also have numerous additional certifications from manufacturers, warranty providers and trade bodies because we make sure we go the extra mile when delivering on quality.

Product Promise.

We have sourced the highest quality products from across the globe to bring you only the very best.

Quality Promise.

Our solar engineers undergo extensive training and all installations are subject to a 10 year workmanship guarantee.


Stay in control every step of the way with your bespoke customer dashboard providing daily progress updates.

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