We held our first Spark Conference!

We were delighted to hold our first Spark Conference at Casa Brighouse last month to launch our new online app while holding a company-wide networking event for new and old members of the team.

With our chosen venue close to our office base, Casa Brighouse was decked out with Spark merchandise, and the brand was everywhere to see upon arrival.

This event for our staff was the first time the team had a chance to be shown, firsthand, by the people who built it, exactly how powerful and useful our new online app is. With just under a year in the making, the new online app allows the team to collate and populate quotes quicker, faster, and more accurately than anything currently on the market.

The day started with introducing the call centre agents to the wider team who deal with inbound and outbound calls. Led by Thomas Lawrence, Call Centre Manager, we were given impromptu introductions from the guys themselves and were shown some interesting stats about the work they do with both inbound and outbound calls and appointments.

Leading the next phase of the event, we were presented to by Daniel Childs, Director of Spark, who created the online app alongside Chris Copeland, Lead Developer. Absolutely the headline part of the day and the main event; we delved into this much-anticipated showcase and demonstrated how the team would be able to use this on a day-to-day basis. It looks fantastic, and to qualify and cost up solar panels (and add discounts!) for customers across the UK is now easier than ever. Showcasing the ins and outs, the presentation acted as a mini-training day for some, with great examples of how easy it is to generate highly accurate quotes from start to finish. A lot of hard work, time, and effort were on display for all to see, and I think the rounding applause following the conclusion of the introduction spoke volumes.

Next up, we had Elliot Burnett, Managing Director, deliver the wider plan for Spark and showcase where it currently is, where it aims to be, and who will be involved in making that happen (the attendees, of course!). We met some new members of the team who are based far and wide across the UK who had travelled up for the event and talked in depth about everything from solar panel systems, quotation sources, processes and regulations Spark adheres to, and some more accreditations that Spark has acquired.

One of the most interesting aspects of the day was the in-house showcase of solar panels and battery systems, so everyone could see and get to grips with the systems that Spark uses. Again, being shown first-hand by the guys who install them being present to answer any questions about the systems we install. It’s fair to say that the battery packs are a lot heavier than we all thought.

After a wonderful lunch supplied by Casa in buffet style, the day concluded with some Q&A led by Elliot and Dave Brown, Head of Sales, who answered any questions that the day had brought about (or that had been lying in wait – more uniforms have been ordered!).

The Spark online app is something that Spark has been developing for the last year and is something Spark is proud to have launched. Allowing agents to easily price up solar panel systems, obtain accurate savings from these systems, and acquire monthly costs for customers by showing them a variety of payment options is something that isn’t currently easily accessible in the market today. What does this mean to you? It means we are keeping true to our mission statement and keeping solar simple – no hidden costs, transparency from start to finish, and a solar journey that is incredibly simple with a fresh approach. It’s no wonder we are fully accredited by MCS, RECC, and Trustmark, which means that you can have confidence that every Spark solar system goes above and beyond installation standards with guarantees across all aspects of our systems.