How can Spark cure ‘Bill Anxiety’?

Bills. We hate them. They are nearly always unpredictable and never come at a good time. Even the best planners, the best budgeters, and even those who set limits on the usage of various things will always dread the day bills come. Even when you know exactly how much it is, you’re never sure until it comes. The worst of these are, as we know from recent times, energy bills.

Energy prices have skyrocketed so much that governments recently had to take action to stem the amount of money energy companies were charging with energy price caps. However, this help wasn’t ever going to be forever, and once again, energy prices are in the news for all the wrong reasons, with yet another increase giving millions of people financial anxiety.

How can solar help? It’s a well-researched medium that solar panels are worth their weight in gold, and the energy they produce can flip that frown upside down when your energy bills come. The energy that solar panels produce provides the power you need and, in turn, lowers the amount of energy you need to buy to run your home or office. It’s a simple theory that has a real-world solution. Things get even better when you add in the battery aspect of a solar installation that allows you to store excess energy produced for those colder days when you want to turn the heating up! The only real question is: why haven’t more people taken the steps to go solar?

A recent survey suggests that around 62% of people have struggled financially with ‘energy debt’ yet only around 7% of the UK have installed solar panels to tackle the rising costs. It’s easy to see how solar panels become a worthy investment, but the short-term cost may be off-putting for many.

Fear not, for we are here to help. A Spark, we have a solution with our new Hometree Finance payment option (read more about that here), which, to simplify, allows solar panel systems to be installed with zero upfront costs and from £75 a month.

What better way to cure your ‘bill anxiety’ than to reduce your bills by up to 90%? We’re no doctor or psychiatrist, but we’re sure this can help the millions of people who dread energy bills but thought they simply couldn’t afford solar panels. Gone are the days of ‘bill anxiety’ and we welcome a new ‘I wonder how much I’ve saved this month’ affirmation each month in its place.

If you want help curing your ‘bill anxiety’ just click here and we’ll get in touch about how solar can help with energy bills.