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Spark for Schools Initiative Launched

Spark have launched their new Spark for Schools initiative that sees solar panels and sports kits donated to schools upon completion of each customer installation. Designed to empower education, Spark are donating free renewables to schools to free up their budgets from spending on expensive commercial energy rates and utilise the savings to enrich their educational activities.

The Spark for Schools concept involves each customer order including a free solar panel donation to a school project, fully funded by Spark themselves. When enough installations have been completed and there are a viable quantity of donated panels, Spark will complete a solar power installation on the school free of charge.

Spark for Schools also gives back to communities in other ways – sports clubs can apply for free kits for their sports teams. These additional donations are fully funded by Spark and are targeted in towns and cities where we are at our busiest.

Marketing Director for Spark, Daniel Childs, said “Giving back to communities is one of the key concepts of why we founded Spark. We want to enrich communities not just with best in class solar installations but also leave a mark in education. Much like homeowners can save £1,000s on bills with solar – so to can schools and Spark for Schools seemed like a great way to give homeowners an extra benefit with their order.”


Spark are a renewables installation company founded in 2023 by a team of experience renewables leaders and is seeking to transform fairness, value and affordability in the renewables sector.